How Do Cabinet Knob Custom Orders Work?

How Do Cabinet Knob Custom Orders Work?

When I say, "Contact me for Custom Orders" I mean it. And the more custom, the merrier!


I'll gather more specifics - metal stem color, rock size and color tones. If you have pictures of your project or a color palette, I can work with that as well. After I have a better idea of what you're after, I'll gather up some stones and we'll start the picking process. 


Attached are some pictures from a recent set I created. The customer loved a set of 10 unset stones I had listed but needed 27 total. I laid out the original set on a grid with additional choices, they picked, and I got to work!

Original Listing of 10


The 10 Stones With Additional Choices - And Final Customer Picks


The Final Magnificent Set!

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