Aimee: The Why

Aimee: The Why


Aimee's Rock Works is my outlet to share my love of rocks with others. Because, if you love them, why not decorate with them!

I'll be the first to admit, I was not a fan of early rockhounding trips with my family. As a rather neat and tidy girl, digging in the dirt was not really my thing. And then I took a geology class in college...

 I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Geological Sciences in 2000 and afterwards worked here and there while adventuring and rockhounding in my spare time. A few years later, while thinking of ways to use my stone treasures in a kitchen remodel, I came across the idea of beach rock cabinet knobs. After a lot of testing, I produced a sturdy and beautiful set of knobs that are still in use today!

 In 2009 I opened Aimee's Rock Works on Etsy and I've had a blast creating unique products for my wonderful customers. Many of the items I make today are versions of special requests by other rock-adoring folks.

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